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Est. 1993
Dell-Discover 8 ways a server can make your business more efficient

1. Fast Backups- minimize the risk of lost data with quick backups and redundant hard drives
2. Control your e-mail- centralize your business email system and help make it easy to manage
3. Increase Privacy- protect sensitive files and control who has access to them
4. Multilayered protection- help defend your business' IT network by filtering or blocking unwanted content
5. Share effectively- share files, printers, contact lists and calendars
6. Anytime access- Access your server-based files,data and email from virtually anywhere, allowing employees to work remotely
7. Manage accessories- control printers, scanners and other accessories from one centralized location
8. Dell Deployment Services- no hassle setup with having your server installed by a Dell technician.
Key differences between a server and a desktop