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Est. 1993
About Maxell
(Information is gathered from the manufacturer's official website)

Maxell Europe Ltd is a group company of Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. Japan.

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of information storage media products, including magnetic tapes; optical discs and battery products such as lithium ion rechargeable; micro batteries and alkaline dry batteries, and the company has over 50 years experience of producing industry-leading recordable media and energy products for both the consumer and the professional markets.

Multitech became an official MAXELL Cyprus Authorised Distributor in 2012
Since its foundation in 1960, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. has built up an international reputation for excellence and reliability, pioneering the power supplies and digital recording for today's mobile and multi-media devices, leading the electronics industry at home and abroad in the fields of storage media and batteries.

Maxell started in business as a battery manufacturer and formed the company name by taking the first 3 and the last 3 letters of its first product: Dry Cell Batteries. The name is a shorted version of the phrase:

MAXimum capacity dry cELL
Since its formation, Maxell has built up an international reputation for excellence and reliability.
From being one of the first companies to develop alkaline batteries and Blu Ray camcorder discs, Maxell has always assured its customers of industry leading product innovation and is one of the world's foremost suppliers of memory, power, audio and visual goods.

Now Maxell is pioneering the power supplies for today's mobile and multi-media device, with the AIR VOLTAGE range of Wireless Charging Solutions, AirStash - the first and only Wireless Flash Drive, Multimedia Players, Storage Devices, Headphones, re-writable DVD's and Optical Disc Re-Writers.

Product Lines: Batteries & Accessories